PV oversizing for increased profitability (3/3)

PV oversizing for increased profitability (3/3)

After demonstrating the advantages of PV oversizing or overdimensioning and investigating the key factors for success, we now explore the key strategies for making the most of the available solar energy, focusing on the critical roles of the inverter, battery storage, and intelligent energy management. The ultimate goal is to help homeowners achieve greater self-consumption and returns on their solar investment.

Rooftop Solar Solution by SMA and Indo Energy for Long An Cold Storage

SMA has partnered with Indo Energy Corporation (IEC) to set up a 1.6 MWp rooftop solar plant on the Long An Cold Storage facility in the Long An province of South Vietnam. This collaboration has helped one of Asia's largest and most modern cold storage warehouses to go green & and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. The Partnership leverages SMA’s reliability, German technology in solar inverters, and IEC's expertise as a turnkey EPC contractor.

Eye Surgery Achieves Energy Independence

In the fight against climate change, businesses all over the world are adopting cleaner, more sustainable practices. In 2023, SMA Australia was honoured to work alongside one of these eco-conscious businesses, helping The Eye Surgery Hastings transition to 100% renewable energy for their New Zealand clinic.

Solarpark Bundorf

Putting the energy transition in the hands of local citizens: the Bundorf PV farm

Right in the heart of Germany there is now a beacon of hope in the form of a PV farm showcasing how cities and local communities can transition to a renewable energy supply. But what makes this project in Bundorf so unique? The PV farm is one of the largest in Germany to involve public participation. Citizens can take part in the project through an energy co-operative and thus collectively drive forward the energy transition in their region.

SMA and ONP powering Remote Pharma facilities in Thailand and Myanmar

SMA and ONP powering Remote Pharma facilities in Thailand and Myanmar

SMA, in collaboration with ONP Solar, has achieved remarkable success in rooftop solar installations in Thailand and Myanmar. These installations are powering pharmaceutical companies to distribute temperature-controlled vaccines in remote and challenging locations that lack access to grid power. The partnership between SMA and ONP Solar has resulted in the fastest and largest rooftop deployments to date in both Thailand and Myanmar. In this article, you'll learn more about the set-up of the PV installations, the challenges the project team had to manage, and the project's outcome.

A citizens’ solar park for the holistic energy transition

Electricity, heat and transportation: The citizens’ solar park is transforming Bundorf in Lower Franconia into an energy community. Delivering 125 megawatts of peak power, the photovoltaic (PV) farm is one of the biggest in Germany – and more than 30 percent of it serves as a citizens’ solar park. The primarily power-operated district heating network is unique, and the connected charging infrastructure is intended for supplying the local population with affordable solar power for their electric cars.

In Conversation with Rashmi Rao, the India Based Head of the Salesforce Development for SMA, APAC

Today, we spotlight a conversation with Rashmi Rao, the head of the Salesforce Development Department for SMA, a vastly experienced software development specialist with over 15 years of hands-on expertise in requirements gathering, analysis, and effort estimation for IT projects. Rashmi joined SMA in August 2017. Rashmi handles management and development needs across APAC, Americas, and EMEA regions. Rashmi is one of the most influential leaders in the Salesforce Development arena, and her journey is an inspiration and learning for aspirants in the software development field. Let’s learn more about her journey and what advice she has to give to young talent in the sector!

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