Green Fields, Bright Futures: SMA Advances Rural Communities with Solar Irrigation

Green Fields, Bright Futures: SMA Advances Rural Communities with Solar Irrigation

SMA India collaborated with Gram Oorja and NGO Shashwat Trust Junnar to build a solar-powered water pump in Gadewadi village located in Sahyadri hills in Maharashtra. The project helped local farmers overcome the perennial challenge of lack of irrigation

SMA and ONP powering Remote Pharma facilities in Thailand and Myanmar

SMA and ONP powering Remote Pharma facilities in Thailand and Myanmar

SMA, in collaboration with ONP Solar, has achieved remarkable success in rooftop solar installations in Thailand and Myanmar. These installations are powering pharmaceutical companies to distribute temperature-controlled vaccines in remote and challenging locations that lack access to grid power. The partnership between SMA and ONP Solar has resulted in the fastest and largest rooftop deployments to date in both Thailand and Myanmar. In this article, you'll learn more about the set-up of the PV installations, the challenges the project team had to manage, and the project's outcome.

A citizens’ solar park for the holistic energy transition

Electricity, heat and transportation: The citizens’ solar park is transforming Bundorf in Lower Franconia into an energy community. Delivering 125 megawatts of peak power, the photovoltaic (PV) farm is one of the biggest in Germany – and more than 30 percent of it serves as a citizens’ solar park. The primarily power-operated district heating network is unique, and the connected charging infrastructure is intended for supplying the local population with affordable solar power for their electric cars.

In Conversation with Rashmi Rao, the India Based Head of the Salesforce Development for SMA, APAC

Today, we spotlight a conversation with Rashmi Rao, the head of the Salesforce Development Department for SMA, a vastly experienced software development specialist with over 15 years of hands-on expertise in requirements gathering, analysis, and effort estimation for IT projects. Rashmi joined SMA in August 2017. Rashmi handles management and development needs across APAC, Americas, and EMEA regions. Rashmi is one of the most influential leaders in the Salesforce Development arena, and her journey is an inspiration and learning for aspirants in the software development field. Let’s learn more about her journey and what advice she has to give to young talent in the sector!

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Respect for human rights: Companies are bearing responsibility

There are 50 million people worldwide living in modern slavery – that is 10 million more than five years ago. This shocking statistic was published by human rights organization “Walk Free” just recently. The organization lays part of the blame on companies in industrialized countries, which benefit from forced labor through supply chains. This is a topic that Jessica Mannocchi and Erik Siems, appointed by the Managing Board as SMA’s human rights officers, care deeply about.

Life tests increase the reliability of PV inverters

Wolfram Dege destroys inverters for a living – and helps to make them better in the process. To do so, he puts the devices under high stress and induces artificial aging. He really puts the inverters through the wringer, using cold, heat, moisture and high currents and voltages – ideally all at once. This gives him valuable information about service life. Read on to find out more about his life-prolonging work and his favorite test.

81 Inverters for 10 MW: SMA equips Australia`s largest PV rooftop solar system

If the energy transition is to succeed and climate change is to be halted, renewable generation must be significantly expanded. To achieve this, large spaces in particular must also be used for solar power production. Like the rooftop of the Australian Panel Products’ (APP) particleboard production and distribution facility - there, earthconnect has built Australia`s largest rooftop solar system under the most challenging conditions.

PV mini-grids provide electricity to 300 villages in Senegal

Senegal wants to give its population permanent access to electricity by 2025. However, half of the country’s approximately 17 million residents live in rural areas, sometimes a long way from the national utility grid. The government is therefore looking to decentralized and environmentally friendly energy solutions. The government’s ASER300 project is bringing electricity to 300 villages all around the country with mini-grids, which include PV modules, inverters, batteries, and cooling systems.

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