How to Retain Customers: 5 Tips for Good Service

How to retain customers

The photovoltaic market is changing a great deal these days, and as a result, installers are facing new challenges. In addition to core business offerings and well-made products, customers expect extensive service and support and quick responses when service is needed.

Excellent customer service will pay off.

Exceptional customer service is a key component to success. When you provide excellent service, you create loyal customers. Even more importantly, excellent service does more than simply ensure existing customer loyalty – it also attracts new customers through referrals or word-of-mouth.

It is particularly important to maintain an ongoing relationship with your customer. If you think about it, taking simple steps to ensure the loyalty of an existing customer takes less time and energy than acquiring a new customer.

With these five tips, your customer will remember you and will be likely to recommend your products and services to others.

1. Take time

Explain to your customer exactly how a PV system and inverters work. Be specific and provide examples (e.g., how the display works).

2. Give good advice

Get in contact with your customers before their factory warranties expire and explain to them the advantages of an extended warranty.

3. Act, don’t react

Inspect your customer’s installation at regular intervals. Being proactive with pre-scheduled service calls can help prevent major repairs in the future. Plus, it shows the customer that you are reliable.

4. Monitor performance

Check performance figures and discuss them with your customer. Recommend a communication product that is appropriate for their needs. It will help you collect important data at the customer’s site and when service is needed, the SMA Service Line will be able to help the customer more quickly.

5. Make a nice gesture

Send your customers a Holiday or birthday card or just send a note every now and then to check in and thank them for their business.

Do you have additional tips? What are your experiences? We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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