A Children's Book about Solar: Smork in Suntown

We all know how important it is to push renewables – and to use the sun as one source of free energy. But have you even been ask by a child how all this works? How sunlight is used to gain clean energy? Well, our colleagues from SMA UK might have produced something that’ll help you explain the benefits of solar energy – in a cute little book that uses terms even your children will understand.

The book brings alive SMA’s very own character, Smork, to engage children aged 5-10 years old and effectively communicate the importance of using renewable energy sources such as solar energy and the impact that it will have on the environment.

“Smork in Suntown” opens with a curious 5 year old girl, Betty, asking what are fossil fuels and global warming. Later on she gets a surprise visit from Smork who takes Betty and her family on a tour of how the sun can be used to make electricity.

But take a look by yourself and click through (Just click anywhere on the book to zoom in):

While “Smork in Suntown” will be used as an education tool in the UK, it has already been distributed to 22,000 schools across the UK ­– and was awarded a special merit of the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC)* awards 2014. In cooperation with the British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA) and the Powering Knowledge Campaign, SMA UK is now working on making the book available for all UK schools. Ensuring the next generation is switched on about the role renewable technologies can play in our energy mix is a key factor in the UK’s – and the worlds – drive to reduce its carbon emissions and build a more robust green economy.

For those of you who’d like to get a hardcopy of the book: It’s free of charge and available to SMA UK distributors, solar photovoltaic installers and schools. Just contact SMA UK via info@SMA-UK.com.

And if you’re not living in the UK: Here you’ll find more Smork content including Smorks very own word-search, colouring pages and pdf download of the award winning “Smork in Suntown”.

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