Alexandra Alejandro

Marketing Program Manager at SMA America

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An Geysenbergh

Technical Consultant and Trainer at SMA Benelux

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Dr. Andreas Paetzold

Platform Product Manager in the Large-Scale Business Segment

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Andreas Strusch

Platform Manager Digital Solutions

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Anja Jasper

Head of Corporate Communication

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Charles Wang

Sales Director SMA China

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Chiara Marchese

Marketing and Communication Manager SMA Italia

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Christiane Keim

Community Manager at SMA

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Claudia Jakob

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Dagmar Buth-Parvaresh

Public Relations Professional

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Damian Ponce

Technical Promoter SMA Iberica

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Daniel Russart

Internal Communication Professional, Corporate Communication

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Daniel Strömer

Head of Business Development and Partner Management

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David Lawson

Director Marketing SMA France

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Eduardo Vidalon

Sales Director SMA Iberica

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Eric Quiring

Public Affairs Specialist

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Falko Schmidt

Product Manager Digital Home Solutions

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Hannes Knopf

Senior Expert Standards and Committee Work

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Henry Valentin

Technical Writer

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Ikuha Fujiwara

Marketing Manager SMA Japan

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Judit Berruezo

Marketing Manager SMA Iberica

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Jürgen Reinert

Jürgen Reinert has been with SMA since 2011, a member of the Managing Board since 2014 and CEO of SMA since October 2018. Since he experienced in his childhood in Namibia how important a reliable and clean energy supply is, renewable energies have been a central topic for him.

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Katrina Zhang

Marketing Manager SMA China

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Lisa Spangenberg

E-Mobility Expert and Product Manager Power Conversion Home

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Lucie Espie

Marketing Officer SMA France

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Mariska Daniller

Digital & Distribution Sales Manager Middle East and Africa

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Mathias Ahlert

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Megan Desideri

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Senior Technical Trainer, Solar Academy, SMA America. Mike hosts webinars and in-person trainings on SMA America’s string inverters, communication products and design tools.

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Mila Druwe

Content Marketing Manager Western Europe

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Oezer Kara

Global Technical Consultant

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Philippe Hoylaerts

Application Engineer SMA Benelux

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Sabrina Koehn

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Scott Partlin

Working towards a 100% Renewable power system

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Shailza Mittal

Marketing Manager – India & SEA

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Shyam Lohidakshan

Product Manager

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SMA Brasil

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Nina McDonagh

Ich bin Internal Communication Manager bei SMA. Auf der Suche nach spannenden Stories bin ich am liebsten im Gespräch mit den Menschen um mich herum. Aber auch abseits des Textens glaube ich, dass der offene Dialog Voraussetzung für gegenseitiges Verständnis ist.

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Zeynep Kaya

Sales and Marketing SMA Turkey

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Susanne Henkel

Senior Corporate Press Professional

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Trish Moratto

Public Relations Specialist SMA America

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Ufuk Keser

Account Manager SMA Turkey

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Verena Griffiths

Marketing Manager Australia

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Vincent Mathely

Sales Director SMA France

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Wan Like

Technical Sales Manager

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