Casual Friday Every Day

Sometimes I have to think for a while when standing in front of my closet in the morning. Should I wear the light blouse, the colorful shirt or just my favorite sweater again? Many colleagues (mostly female) know exactly what I’m talking about. Those who have the choice, are forced to decide. Personally, though, I think it is great I can wear whatever I like at SMA, as there is no official dress code at work. In other words, it’s like every day is Casual Friday. 😉
This shouldn’t go without saying, as many companies favor a mandatory dress code.

Of course, there are exceptions. A colleague in Sales, who frequently visits clients in other companies, often has to show up in a suit. Our colleagues in Production are obviously required to wear their ESD shoes to prevent static electricity. Depending on the situation and the department, our clothes have to be selected appropriately. And it goes without saying that you should look clean and presentable.

With jeans in the office

For me, though, it means I can leave the formal ‘costume’ at home and show up in my jeans. I think it is great that our company culture is so relaxed and flexible. I also think many of our colleagues feel more comfortable at work in their jeans and tennis shoes than they would in a suit and tie. This certainly contributes to the relaxed atmosphere at work, and that each morning you actually want to go to work. strong So with that, happy working!

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