Congratulations to the Trainees

It is finally over! This Spring, 41 trainees and 13 participants in the re-training program successfully completed their final exams. A cause for celebration, which is why SMA threw a party for all graduates and their families. Following the graduation ceremony, speeches were given by Stefan Brinck (Vice President of HR, Germany), Martina Fischmann (Vocational Training Director) and Jan-Hendrik Welzel (Chairman of the Youth and Trainees council). Afterwards, the trainees could toast their success with sparkling wine and Hors d'oeuvres. Things turned sentimental during a slide show of photos taken throughout the training years of the graduating class.

You guys did a fantastic job, by the way, and we want to congratulate each of you personally!
For the trainees, though, things will keep right on going. „We are very pleased to have been able to offer 38 time contracts to the graduating trainees. 7 decided to pursue other avenues, such as continued training or academic studies,“ said Martina Fischmann, head of the Vocational Training department.

And what do our freshly-minted employees have to say? We asked:

„The celebration was wonderful and the speakers all found the right words. During the speeches, it was really nice to be able to reflect on the the entire training period. I love working for SMA and am very glad they offered me a contract. My family is quite happy about it, too.“
Boran Alpaslan, IT Specialist for Application Development

„We were excellently prepared for the final exams. We had a week-long seminar and were given an additional 50 hours of group learning. After that, everything went smoothly with both the written and oral exams. The graduation ceremony was short and sweet and very tasteful. I appreciated the fact that our families were able to attend as well.“
Nadia Heinisch, Sales Woman for Office Communication

„The graduation party organizers went all out. I thought it was really nice, and especially great that I was able to bring my parents. It gave them a chance to see where I did my training. Of course, I'm excited to be able to stay here at SMA and continue to support my team.“
Tim Neusel, Electrician for Production Engineering

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