ees Award Goes to Sunny Boy Storage: “Cost-Effective Solution for Storing Self-Generated Electricity”

Sunny Boy Storage: Cost-Effective Solution for Storing Solar Power


The Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 for high-voltage batteries did not only win the ees award Intersolar Europe, it also drew a lot of attention at the SMA booth. The AC-coupled battery inverter is suitable for new PV systems as well as for retrofit storage integration in private households.

ees_AWARD2016_Logo_winner_EN_PfadeThe ees award jury described the Sunny Boy Storage as a groundbreaking solution for cost-effective storage of self-generated electricity. Some of its advantages are its light weight, low cost and very high efficiency.

IntersolarSMA storage expert Volker Wachenfeld presents the storage system live at Intersolar Europe in Munich.


Find more information on our blog or our website.


  1. Dhaval
    Dhaval says:

    Hello I want to know the price of this product and also want to know all details about this.
    So please send me broshers of this product .

    • Lucas Unbehaun
      Lucas Unbehaun says:


      I’m sorry, but we don’t have any brochures of the SBS.
      You can find detailed information here:
      -on the product page on our website
      -the interview with Volker Wegner on our Blog
      -in our blog article about common questions

      I hope this will help you!

      Regards, Lucas

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