Energy that Changes: dOCUMENTA (13) starts

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Energy that Changes – that not only applies to SMA, but also to documenta, which changes Kassel with its energy every five years. Today is the first day of the 100 days of dOCUMENTA (13) . However, the energy of documenta can already be felt in Kassel days before it starts. 2 700 journalists, as well as artists, representatives of the culture industry and celebrities from around the world arrived yesterday for a preview and energized the city’s streets and squares. The energy, dynamics and excitement are tangible everywhere.


Works of art all around Kassel

The dOCUMENTA (13) participant list contains roughly 300 names – not just artists, but also scientists, philosophers and members of the curators’ team.  A colorful, international and varied combination. Their works are also exhibited throughout Kassel. In addition to classic museum spaces, the art will also be exhibited in the Gloria Cinema, in the Kulturbahnhof (Cultural Railway Station) and in a bunker in a historic vineyard. The Karlsaue Park itself will also become a work of art in itself, art works will be exhibited in more than 20 buildings. The art works supply a special energy to all locations.




“Doing Nothing Garden” by Song Dong

“Doing Nothing Garden” by Song Dong

Green monument

The Chinese artist Song Dong’s “Doing Nothing Garden” has already been visible in Karlswiese Park for some time; however, it is covered up, making it the subject of quite some curiosity: A pile of rubble and organic waste, covered in growing grass and flowers. A living organism as a work of art, a monument to civilization.


Massimo Bartolini’s "Wave"

Massimo Bartolini’s “Wave”

Perfect wave

A little further on, Italian artist Massimo Bartolini’s wave encourages onlookers to reflect on the relativity of the apparently constant and unchanging. Water is set in motion in a rectangular pool in such a way that the wave moves synchronously from the middle to the sides and back.


Light waves that respond to touch

From the organic to the technical: Anton Zeilinger – a Viennese quantum physicist, not an artist, invites documenta visitors to the Fridericianum to interact with his experimental setups and measuring devices. For example, they can control light waves by touch. This makes energy very clearly visible and tangible (see the photo above).


“Carmageddon” by Thomas Bayrle

“Carmageddon” by Thomas Bayrle

Car engines and prayers

Where quantum physics is the basis for modern high technology, Frankfurt artist Thomas Bayrle takes us back to tried and trusted technology with his installation in the documenta hall: car engines, which noise is turned into prayer. An enormous airplane is suspended above all of this, symbolizing the dream of flight and seeing the world from above.


Energy is (not) equal to art?

Energy is not equal to art? That is definitely not true. There are hundreds of other works of art with their own special energy to be discovered at dOCUMENTA (13).

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