"Energy (un)equal art?"

Expensive, superfluous, useless – these prejudices are not only leveled at renewable energy again and again, but also at contemporary art. That is why we want to take the opportunity offered by the 100 day dOCUMENTA (13)  Festival to initiate a discussion on the similarities and differences between art and energy – and clear up some of the most common prejudices.


A tram marks the first step: Starting today, it will carry the question “Energy ≠ Art?” around the Kassel metropolitan region. A QR code and Internet address take interested viewers straight to the discussion on our blog en.sma-sunny.com. In time for the beginning of documenta, the striking black lettering on a white background will be visible in many other places in the city center of Kassel, and appear in more and more places over the next 100 days.


Sustainable mobility for the world's biggest art exhibition

Sustainable mobility for the world’s biggest art exhibition

What do art and energy have in common?

We decided to launch our campaign because, when we were considering whether to sponsor dOCUMENTA (13), we found many similarities between contemporary art and renewable energy. For example, both are highly democratic and are characterized by how they deal with constant change.  The Artistic Director of dOCUMENTA (13), Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, also sees many similarities. “Art is a form of renewable energy – it never ends and must be fed and maintained,” she emphasized. To see what else she has to say about art and energy, check out the video interview which will be posted here on the blog in a few days.


What do documenta visitors think?
The direct route to the blog: Scan the QR code to open the "Energy ≠ Art?" discussion directly.

The direct route to the blog: Scan the QR code to open the “Energy ≠ Art?” discussion directly.

During the 100 day dOCUMENTA (13) Festival, more videos, interviews and texts will highlight the various aspects of renewable energy and contemporary art and give new perspectives. How do engineers perceive contemporary art? How do artists envision the energy supply of the future? Which new energy do documenta artists and visitors bring to the city of Kassel? And how do visitors to the most important exhibition of contemporary art view the artists’ take on important ecological topics?


The contributions from SMA employees, artists and guest bloggers are intended to start you thinking and get you to join in the active dialog with documenta visitors and people from the region – we look forward to many interesting comments and new points of view.

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