External Router Replaces Integrated GSM Modem

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External router replaced integrated GSM modem

From the end of May, SMA can no longer offer the Sunny WebBox integrated GSM modem as a product solution. The reason for this is the discontinuation of a component. Frank Blessing, Product Manager of Residential Solutions, explains the background and presents the alternative for the future.


I know there’s a change coming up but first let me ask: For how much longer can customers order the current SMA solution?

Depending on the date of receipt of orders, this is possible up until the end of May.


What happens then?

When the option expires, all customers have the opportunity to connect a GSM router, which is available in the market, to the WebBox. Due to the communication via Ethernet, this is easy to implement. But we wish to support our customers with this issue and therefore we have looked for an optimal solution.


And what is this solution?

SMA are happy to issue a non-binding manufacturer’s recommendation for the use of products from mdex GmbH. The company is a specialist producer of data transmission technology and offers proven IT standard solutions, with their own service portals. Additional offers include functionality such as cost-stop or cost control.


That sounds like an attractive solution for SMA customers?

Yes it is, and with the recommendation of mdex, our customers no longer need to look around for a suitable provider. In general, the switch to an external contact partner gives our customers greater flexibility. This is because companies like mdex, for example, have various providers in their product range. The customers can then opt for the provider who offers the best conditions for their specific situation.


Thank you very much, Frank, for this interview.


With this non-binding manufacturer’s recommendation, SMA assumes no guarantee or liability for the products of mdex GmbH and their collaboration with the relevant SMA products.


For more information on the new solution, contact mdex






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