Five Things I Do as soon as I get to the Office

We all have our little habits for starting the work day. Here are my top five – the essential (though perhaps fairly ordinary) things that begin my daily routine.

1. Turn on my computer

Maybe you’re familiar with this one too: My office computer is slow. Very slow. I soon learned to turn it on before I do anything else. And while it’s booting up, I have time for the next steps, namely –

2. Hang up my coat.

“Order is half of life,” as the proverb says, and I believe it. So first I put away everything I don’t need at my desk. I hang up my coat, tuck my umbrella away in the corner, put my pocketbook away, and lightly tidy up.

3. Open the window.

To start the workday fresh, I open the window for a while. Airing the room makes it more comfortable and it’s also said to improve concentration. Just enter “indoor air quality” and “productivity” into your search engine to read more.

My SMA coffee cup

4. Update the calendar

The office I share with colleagues has a daily calendar on the wall. If I don’t update the date before I sit down, later on I’ll wonder whether it’s right, and I’m liable to slip up when I’m making an appointment. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to make it part of my morning routine. There, done!

5. Get a cup of coffee.

Last but not least, I get myself a cup of coffee from the kitchen. Espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato – our coffee machine can do it all, no matter what you prefer. Very tasty. And of course there’s also a huge variety of tea. There’s something for everyone.

Perfect. Now the workday can begin. Calm and comfortable, I read through my e-mail and plan what comes next. In this spirit, I wish you a pleasant and productive day.
By the way, what are the top five things in your morning routine?

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