Your guide to commissioning the Sunny Boy with a cable connection

Your guide to commissioning the Sunny Boy with a cable connection


The SMA Sunny Boy inverter is a great choice for getting the most out of your solar energy system. Whether the model you have is with or without WiFi, the most stable and reliable commissioning method is through a cable connection. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Gather your equipment

You’ll need a few things:

  • Your Sunny Boy inverter (with or without Wi-Fi).
  • An additional router or access point.
  • It’s better if you have internet access, but it’s not a must for the initial setup.
  • Make sure the router or access point has Wi-Fi capabilities and supports DHCP (a common network feature).

Step 2: Connect your router or access point

Configure your extra router or access point to act as a bridge between your Sunny Boy inverter and your home’s Wi-Fi network. Then, connect the router or access point to your inverter using an Ethernet cable.

Step 3: Get your smart device ready

Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the network created by your extra router or access point. Now, open your web browser and type in the IP address assigned to your inverter via DHCP. You can find this IP address by checking your router or access point settings.

Step 4: Configure your Sunny Boy inverter

The inverter’s user interface will appear on your device’s screen. Follow the instructions to set up your Sunny Boy inverter as needed for your solar power system.

Step 5: Completing setup and integration

Once you’ve finished the initial configuration, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable between your inverter and the extra router or access point. Your Sunny Boy is now set up and ready to use.

Step 6: Optional Wi-Fi integration

If you later decide to integrate your inverter into your Wi-Fi network, you can do so. Simply connect a Wi-Fi repeater (a device that extends your Wi-Fi signal) to your inverter using an Ethernet cable. This will enable Wi-Fi connectivity for your inverter.

Step 7: Monitor and manage

After a successful setup and integration, you can easily monitor and manage your solar power system using platforms like Sunny Portal and Sunny Places. These tools provide valuable insights into your system’s performance.

Setting up the SMA Sunny Boy inverter with a cable connection is an uncomplicated process. With the help of this guide, you can make sure your solar energy system operates efficiently and effectively. Whether you want to reduce your reliance on the grid or optimise your home’s energy use, your Sunny Boy inverter has you covered.


Download a manual for commissioning using a cable connection and without Wi-Fi.

Download PDF


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