How Sunny Places works

In these two screencasts, our Community Manager Kilian Rüfer shows you how to register for Sunny Places and what kind of functions the new community portal for PV systems offers.

We’ve asked him a few questions so that you can get to know him better.


Kilian, what made you go into renewable energy?

During my training as designer of digital and print media I noticed that I wanted to do something useful with my creativity. I wanted it to be more fulfilling than hollow. To learn about how climate protection is done I then studied renewable raw materials and regenerative energy in Göttingen, Germany.


What motivates you as a blogger?

In the blog, my own curiosity determines the topic and that’s the best way to learn something. I write about subjects that interest me and that I find important. When we are able to add our thoughts, get involved, write what moves us, and still be able to honestly share our concerns, then that means we are living in an enlightened and “enlightenable” civil society! There are many of us – I’m continuously amazed at how ever more genuine relationships result from digital lines. Sunny Places interests me due to the many system owners and their practical experience with the energy transition. My wish for the community is for it to be a pleasant platform where people can help each other, learn from each other, discuss important topics, and thereby run their systems more efficiently.


What interested you in community management for Sunny Places?

With community management, I can learn a lot about concrete realities in households, which is something I lacked during my studies. At university, the emphasis was more on the abstract technical background. The people in the community are the actual movers of the energy transition. Without them, none of the many energy transition scenarios can become reality. I like it when the dialogues ground my “eagle perspective.”


Thank you very much, Kilian, for this interview.


Kilian Rüfer

Kilian Rüfer


Kilian is an energy blogger for and currently manages the  Sunny Places Community. In his free time, he prefers being outdoors, cooks, and plays ice hockey.


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