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I am not a „Jog-a-holic“ and will probably never be one, but yesterday I discovered „Easier Jogging.“ 😉 It has to be said that this new type of movement is far healthier than traditional jogging and even activates a larger range of muscle groups. As part of a sponsored 1-hour Kangoo Jumps training session, I was able to take a closer look at these jumping shoes.


Diana with the Kangoo Jump Shoes

Diana with the Kangoo Jump Shoes

Jogging down-hill with these shoes is really the most fun. I don’t think I have ever run/bounced down a hill faster without being out of breath at the bottom. With the new shoes under my feet, I was able to bounce down the hill with huge strides without exerting much energy at all. These shoes are also great for jogging on flat surfaces. Going up-hill, however, was a little more tricky: pitiful jumps at a sluggish tempo. With my level of fitness, down-hill was better. 😉

What is the secret behind „Kangoo Jumps“?

The Kangoo Jump Shoes

The Kangoo Jump Shoes

A „Kangoo Jumps“ shoe is a spring-like device which allows you to jump up to 70 cm high from a standing position and jump over 2.5 meters forward.
The most attractive feature of this shoe is that it allows you to exercise without damaging your joints. The integrated shock-absorbing system cushions your landing and protects your joints.

Trial Run Offer:

The „Kellner klasse kaufen“ store together with Andreas Bode, a certified trainer and running therapist, is currently offering a free Rebound training hour. You can try out these new jumping shoes for yourself until mid April. Included in the training hour is a 1-hour trial run outdoors around Satzbach in Niederkaufungen, a personalized training session and lots of information about healthy jogging, running and walking. You can find more information about this offer directly from Andreas Bode or on the following website.

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