My Start as an FOS-Intern

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“You guys are so quiet. It’s alright to talk to one another,” said Lisa Lange, a trainer for the FOS-internship program, as she laughed. It was true. At the beginning, none of us said anything to each other, but instead just sat there and looked around. That all changed quickly with a getting-to-know-you game. The mood became more and more relaxed as we warmed up. Then we were divided into groups where we were really able to show our creativity and team spirit. We even came up with our own, personal SMA corporate motto for the 1-year internship program. One trainee also arranged a walk-through of Solar Factory 1 for us which included a lot of important information. Through our group lunches we got to know each other even better.

Day Three of the Internship

First briefing at the PC for the trainee.

Of course, the interns are not just here to have fun. Our little group was broken up on day three. The technical interns tried their hand at soldering while the commercial interns took part in an introductory course in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Lead by Lisa Lange and a trainee, Benjamin Merz, we were lead to our respective departments and greeted warmly by our new supervisors. All told, the three orientation days were very well organized and prepared us well for the coming months here at SMA.
From all the 13 FOS interns, I would like to thank those who lead our introductory days and wish everyone a lot of fun and success!

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