Of Bowling Balls and Mulled Wine

It didn’t take more than a few minutes before we got the ball rolling at our last gathering, in November. Allow me to explain: Once every month, the interns, graduates, bachelor's degree and master's degree students at SMA get together in order to spend a nice evening, get to know each other, and exchange experiences. For our last get-together of 2012, on November 29th, we were supposed to go bowling and visit the Kassel Christmas market, and it didn’t take long after closing time for people to ride their bikes, take the tram, or drive to the Citybowling Kassel bowling alley. Once everyone was there, we split up into teams of seven and witnessed as each person tried to outdo the previous one by knocking down as many pins as possible. Of course, “outdoing” might be an exaggeration. Winning was not really the point that evening, and it didn’t matter whether someone scored a spectacular strike by knocking down all the pins with a single shot or threw the ball right into the gutter—everyone enjoyed every single moment.
However, that did not keep each team from recognizing its bowling master after two games and a whole lot of fun. And even though we felt raindrops threatening to cut the evening short after leaving the bowling alley, we refused to give in and the entire group went to the Christmas market at the Friedrichsplatz square to wrap up the evening with a hot cup of mulled wine and a tasty (and sometimes very spicy) currywurst.

We would all like to give a big “thank you” to the Campus Relations Team for their incredible organization skills and the variety that has made each get-together a unique event! In fact, we’re already looking forward to the next one in January and can’t wait to find out what kind of surprises and ideas the team has in store for us.