Off to the New Energy Convention in Husum

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“Wow, we’re really going to have the home-court advantage,” was my first thought as I made my way through the hall towards our SMA booth at the NEW ENERGY convention.
So many exhibitors who were using our products, so many people I had advised over the past year, so much work we had done before and that was already bearing fruit. It was enough to warm the heart of this ’Technical Sales Manager’ for WINDY BOY!

SMA exhibition of wind energy

Jan and his colleque Thomas clean the SMA stand.

The fact that SMA, with it’s SUNNY BOY inverter, has a commanding presence on the international PV market, is clear to almost everyone by now. The fact that we also produce a WINDY BOY inverter for small wind energy parks is something which is still news to even a lot of SMA employees!


This is why I found it especially great that we were not only guests but actually had our own booth at this year’s NEW ENERGY convention in Husum (which is THE convention for renewable energy solutions, including small wind energy parks).
The theme this year was not PV, but rather small wind energy system technology, which is why we really struck a chord at this year’s convention. We were very well received and a visitor even said: „Man, you really can’t find any area within renewable energy in which you guys aren’t active!“:)

colleques in their free time

Jan´s quartet round

Quartet with Branch Colleagues

An absolute highlight was the „Car Quartet Card Game“, which our marketing team came up with. This included small wind energy parks and our WINDY BOY as jokers, as opposed to cars! My all-time favorite convention story is now about us eating dinner with several manufacturers of small wind energy stations and playing our Quartet card game with them to try it out. Once, we even had ’super-joker’ and not just joker. -It was very cool..

NEW ENERGY 2013? Count me in!

After four days of the convention and what felt like millions of conversations, our entire team was exhausted but very proud and happy: we made great strides for our wind energy department and were able to make a great showing in front of an enormous audience. So, you can count on us being there again next year!

To get a better impression of the whole convention, here is a link to a short video:
(of particular interest is the presentation made by the SMArt technical sales manager at 2:23)

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