What art means to me? Expression, being open to new things, having a broadened horizon and breaking with convention and the day to day. Discovering new things and allowing yourself to just go with the flow.
The dOCUMENTA is coming to our city in 2012 and bringing the feeling of artistic freedom and openness along with it. Perhaps, I should thank this feeling for inspiring me to spontaneously rent out one of our rooms to people interested in seeing the dOCUMENTA. We had barely put the ad up when we got the first call. Two days later, we had our second renter. The first is a woman, but I don’t know if she is young or old. The second is a man, but the only thing we know about him is that he’s from Innsbruck and owns an art gallery there.
The closer we get to dOCUMENTA, the more excited we get. We are getting excited about the people we will host and the experiences we’ll have, whether good or bad. Perhaps, we’ll meet eccentric painters or grumpy sculptors, passionate photographers or party-crazed art students. And perhaps out of these many guests, we’ll even make a lasting friend or two. Perhaps not, but I’m at least very excited to find out. I’m not only looking forward to our guests, but also the breath of fresh air dOCUMENTA brings to our city. I know it’s already arrived for me!

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