Service Tip: Short-Term Solution for Logging into Sunny Design

Sunny Design

Since the last update of Sunny Design (version 3.2), some of our customers have not been able to log into Sunny Design via the Windows desktop application using their e-mail address and password. The following error message appears:

Error message in Sunny Design

Error message in Sunny Design

In response to a customer request, in the meantime we would like to offer our other customers a short-term solution for logging into Sunny Design via the desktop version. We are of course working to find an adequate long-term solution to the problem as soon as possible.


Short-term solution: Login via Sunny Design Web

Before logging into Sunny Design via your desktop, access the web version of Sunny Design with your browser by going to the following URL: Enter your login details for access and then log out again. After that, login via the desktop version. Then it should work.

Note: If you are using Sunny Design for the first time, it is also necessary to log into the web version before logging into the desktop version.


  1. David Bartley
    David Bartley says:

    Hi SMA. I’ve used Sunny Web Design to design a system and have found that it may be giving incorrect results. Using a STP7000TL, Sunny Web Design says that this range of inverters has a MPPT range of 150 to 800V, allowing the use of as few as 6 x 60cell panels in a string. I am currently installing the system near Sydney Australia which has 2 strings of 10 panels in series, the panels are 260W Jinko poly 60 cell panels. I got green ticks and a good specific energy result of 1545KWH/KWP from Sunny Web Design but now believe the results are incorrect. Can you confirm if 10 of these panels in series is too few for this inverter or am I worrying unnecessarily? I need to make a decision quickly if I need to add more panels or use a smaller inverter, either way will be a big hassle so I’m hoping the system will work ok as it is.
    Thankyou, David Bartley, Copacabana Australia.

    • Julia Stunz
      Julia Stunz says:

      Hi David,
      to answer your questions the best way is to contact the Service Line from SMA Australia.
      The only advice that we can give right now is to compare the module datasheet and the characteristic with the values at Sunny Design.

      Best regards,

  2. Andile
    Andile says:

    Hi Sarah
    I have been using Sunny Design 3 for a proposed project but today I find that I am unable to login, it keeps saying “Login Failed”. However, I am able to login to Sunny Design Web using the same login details that is being rejected by Design 3. I saw your short term solution tip and I logged into design web and then after I restarted and logged into design 3 but i still cannot log in. Unfortunately I have not synchronised the 2 systems for some time and have done a lot of work on Design 3 and I am now stuck and cannot continue. Do you have a solution for me?

    • Sarah Römsch
      Sarah Römsch says:

      Hi Andile,
      I asked our service specialists and we need more details in order to help you.
      Please call my colleagues at +49 561 9522-2499. We will find a solution.

      Have a nice weekend


  3. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I have my Sunnyboy inverter installed yesterday, downloaded the app on iphone and where can I get log in details ?

    • Sarah Römsch
      Sarah Römsch says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      to be able to send data to the Sunny Portal and therefore to use the Sunny Portal App, a data logger such as a Sunny Home Manager or a Sunny WebBox is required. After the registration at, you will be able to use the App with your Sunny Portal login data.

      Please note that there is no possibility to use the Sunny Portal or the Sunny Portal App without a registered plant at Sunny Portal.

      Have a nice weekend.
      Best regards,

  4. tri ly
    tri ly says:

    We have a 15 KW PV system installed on May 2013. Now the red LED is ON the message read” Interference devise” restart in 130 S code 6438. Please advise, the company sold this system to us is disappeared.
    We are in Perth WA. Address 3/61 walters Dr Osborne pk. 6017.
    Inverter Sunny tripower model 17000TL
    Thank you.

  5. mpho baki
    mpho baki says:

    kindly give a quotation on the compact meteo station

    applications of the meteo station and technical data will be scanned to you after your reply

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