SMA America helps local kids smile, donates Sunny Bears to UC Davis Children’s Hospital

sunny bears

It was nothing but smiles and excitement as the SMA van pulled up, loaded to the top with teddy bears in search of new friends. The small idea to bring joy to area children turned into a big donation recently, as the SMA team donated nearly 2,000 teddy bears to the UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

Sunny Bears being unloaded and readied for delivery.

Sunny Bears being unloaded and readied for delivery.

The Sunny Bears were handed out to the excited patients on hand the day of the donation, each taking a turn to pick out a bear and say thanks to one of the SMA team members on hand. Children and parents came and went from the playroom during the morning visit to get their new teddy bears and, hopefully, feel a little joy to help them on the way to recovery.

Sunny Bear joins a new family at UC Davis Children's Hospital.

Sunny Bear joins a new family at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

“We are honored that community partners, like SMA America, want to reach out and help our children,” said Diana Sundberg, manager of the UC Davis Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department. “Patients here have been through a lot and simple acts of kindness such as this go a long way toward their recovery.”

The nearly 2,000 bears will be enough to provide one for each child currently staying at the hospital and future guests who need extra comfort during their stay.

“We’re committed to supporting the Sacramento area and donating teddy bears to these patients, who are sons and daughters of our neighbors. If we’re able to bring a smile to their faces, we’ll be thrilled,” said Brad Dore, director of marketing at SMA America and whose son received a teddy bear during a hospital stay as a young child, making a lasting impression on them both.



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