SMA Australia on Ice

My first day out with my fellow team members at the SMA subsidiary in Sydney

In faraway Australia, people find it important to feel a sense of community. Our new manager, Martin Reinmöller-Kringel, celebrated his new job by hosting a barbeque for everyone a few weeks ago. Shortly before that, last month’s birthday persons were treated to a cake with a candle for each one of them. And…well, I could go on and on, but the point is that for this reason I was definitely not about to miss the team’s trip to the local ice skating rink.

Spelling SMA: Donna, Kathleen and Anna

Spelling SMA: Donna, Kathleen and Anna

Once it had slowly gotten dark outside and everyone’s computers had been shut down, a few of us headed off towards the rink, where we would be spending the evening ice-skating. There, the fact that we had representatives from six different countries would make a great experience even better as we halfway stumbled our way across, laughed when we ran into each other by accident every now and then, and helped each other back to our feet. We would later get together with some of the less experienced skaters at a pub, where we enjoyed a beer and a few snacks to close the evening.

It was just the perfect day that I’ve come to expect from Australia – down-to-earth, outgoing and fun. The first five weeks of my internship abroad have been full of new experiences, and this is just a small taster. I’m really looking forward to the rest of my stay here, and will tell you all about it in greater detail once I get back.

Greetings from Sydney!