Solar Sponsorship helps Australian Community

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The Laurie Maher Coast Community Centre located in the Central Coast area of New South Wales, Australia, provides support to the homeless and the disadvantaged in the community through initiatives such as free meals, interest-free loans, accommodation and electricity vouchers. Their mission is to help individuals become self-sufficient.

The organisation has recently relocated to a new, larger building that will allow it to service a greater portion of the community and provide increased assistance to those in need. As part of the upgrade, a donated PV plant was installed on the roof of the new centre. SMA Australia worked with Superior Solar and Hanwha Q.CELLS Australia to realise this sponsorship.

The money saved by the production of solar energy will allow Coast Shelter to increase their services to the community, which is crucial in light of official figures released this month showing an increase in homelessness in the area. The Coast Shelter has 15 refuges for youths, women, children, men and a number of other transitional properties for families.


PV is getting more popular for communities

The solar PV system will help the Coast Shelter to reduce electricity bills, as well as to support a sustainable environment while they work to create a sustainable community. It is clear that local communities within Australia are becoming more educated on the topic of Solar PV.

The Australia Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, opens the Centre.

The Australia Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, opens the Centre.

Re-opened by the Australian Prime Minister

The solar energy system was part of a refurbishment project for the centre which has been operating successfully for almost 12 years and was officially re-opened early this November by the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

SMA Australia donated two SMA Sunny Tripower 10000TL inverters and an SMA Sunny WebBox. “It is rewarding to be involved in a project like this which enhances the standard of living the local community and re-iterates the message of sustainability,” says Anna Brazil, Marketing Director of SMA Australia.

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