Student BBQ

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Student BBQ August 24, 2011

Participants of the Student BBQ

On August 24, our much-anticipated meet-up BBQ arrived and thankfully summer came with it a few days before. So early in the evening we gathered up our grills, blankets, beverages and goodies and headed over to Karlsaue Park. Although it was windy and the humid afternoon hinted that a storm was coming, there was still a good turnout with almost 20 students. The icebreaking activities got everyone talking and we fired up the grills right away. At the same we started looking for a big tree to sit under, because, unfortunately, the first raindrops had started to fall. However, the worsening weather did not affect the group’s fun or everyone’s excitement about the food. We all had a great time and enjoyed the salads, sausages and steaks. Our Colombian intern and his guitar provided some great musical entertainment while the flicker of the burning torches helped create a campfire atmosphere. Even with the rain, it was a nice evening and we’re already looking forward to our next student meet-up.

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