Sunny Ballers: SMA Basketball Tournament 2012

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The ball goes in the basket. Following this simple rule, the first SMA basketball tournament began on the 16th of June. 8 teams competed in the Emil-Junghenn Arena for a chance to earn the coveted first place trophy.

Teams according to divisions

In the divisions round, the two best teams from each group qualified to compete in the semifinals. The games were played 3 vs. 3 with just 1 basket and 15 minutes set on the clock (without interruptions). In the North division, the “Sunblockers” and the “Container Baskets” were able to pull ahead of the “SMArlerm Globetrotters” and the “Challengers” to advance to the next round. In the South division, the “Just do IT” team won against the “Sunny Ballers”, the “Nieste 99’ers” and “The Mad Squirrels”.
Following a short break to compare scores, it was time to announce the best shooter among the players and the audience. The winners were Niklas Egly (FW-Contest for the audience), Marvin Meunes (FW Contest for the players) and Alexander Weinberg (3-person contest for the players).


Niklas wins the viewer FW-Contest.

Off to the Finals

The following semifinal and final game took place on the entire court. Here, the “Sunny Ballers” won against the “Sunblockers” with a score of 17 to 9. The “Container Baskets” lost out to the “Just do IT” team with a score of 7 to 13. In the hard-fought battle for 3rd place, the “Container Baskets” were able to edge out the “Sunblockers” in overtime play with a score of 15:14, which secured them the bronze medal.
“Just do IT” won against the “Sunny Ballers” team in the final game with a score of 18 to 14. Once the trophies and awards were given out following the final game, the daylong tournament was over for everyone.

A Big Thank You!

I would like to thank all the participants in the tournament at this point. Special thanks are also in order for the co-organizers, Martin Könitzer, Sebastian Schade and Tahere Tabreezi. Without their ideas and organization, this tournament would have never gotten off the ground.

Niklas Egly as Winner of the FW Contest for the Audience
The winning team, “Just do IT” (v.l.) Viktor Steinhauer (C), Sebastian Schade, B. Shabani, Jens Rietdorf

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