Sunny Bear spreads joy all the way to India

Sunny Bear and Solarina

Vismay and Sunny Bear, who is wearing a sweater, during their trip to London.

Excitement for solar is alive and well in New Delhi, India, fed by the life and times of Sunny Bear and his best friend, Vismay. But just a few weeks ago, things were not so sunny. During a family trip from Vismay’s home in New Delhi to London, the unthinkable and unexpected happened: Sunny Bear went missing.

In the days following Sunny Bear’s absence, Vismay’s father knew he needed do whatever possible to reunite his son and lost friend. The loss of Sunny Bear was sorely felt; only movies and memories remained of the good times they shared.

Sunny Bear had originally found his home with Vismay and his family three years ago. At the time, his father was working in the solar industry and had many friends at SMA India, one of whom gave Sunny Bear to Vismay. The two were inseparable from the start.

Upon hearing of the disappointed solar enthusiast, our team went into overdrive to make sure Vismay could be reunited with Sunny Bear. We shipped a package from our Rocklin, California headquarters to New Delhi right away. To make up for their time apart, we even sent Sunny Bear’s twin brother and their sister, Solarina, to bring the entire family together.

The group of friends, happily reunited.

The group of friends, happily reunited.

We hope Vismay and his new friends enjoy a long friendship, full of adventure and memories. Hopefully one day Vismay will have his own solar-powered house, inspired by his time with Sunny Bear and Solarina.

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