Sunny Boy Storage: Your Questions, Our Answers

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We are very pleased with the great interest in our new battery inverter Sunny Boy Storage. The inverter, which is compatible with high-voltage batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall, is perfectly suited to the consumption of self-generated solar power — even in the evening. Here, as promised, Product Manager Thomas Thierschmidt answers your most asked questions on availability, prices, scalability and much more.


 1. Where can I find technical data, operating manual and certifications?

The datasheet on the Sunny Boy Storage and the product page provide an overview of the technical data and the options the Sunny Boy Storage offers.

You will find installation and wiring instructions in the operating manual.


2. In which countries is the Sunny Boy Storage available?

The battery inverter has been available from wholesalers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since the start of April. It is best to ask your chosen installer for the device directly. The Sunny Boy Storage will be available in Australia, Belgium and the UK in June and in Italy in August. More countries will follow over the course of the year.


3. How much does the device cost?

Please ask your wholesaler or a trusted installer for the price. Because of our three-step sales model, we unfortunately cannot help you here.


4. Can you receive the energy storage subsidy for the Sunny Boy Storage?

The Sunny Boy Storage meets the requirements for the energy storage subsidy. However, you would have to ask Tesla about the battery’s eligibility.


5. Are you planning for the system to be scalable?

Yes, an expansion for two Tesla Powerwalls with two Sunny Boy Storage battery inverters is planned.


6. Will there be Sunny Boy Storage versions with more capacity?

No, there is no plan for that. At 2.5 kW, the battery inverter has the optimum capacity for private households. It’s specifically designed for use with stationary storage systems in private households.


7. Are other high-voltage batteries planned besides the Tesla Powerwall?

Of course, we also want to be compatible with other high-voltage battery manufacturers. You can find out more about future partnerships at Intersolar. We will then also inform you via this blog.


8. Is it possible to charge electric cars like the Nissan Leaf?

The device cannot be used for electric cars, as different standards and protocols have to be applied to that field. However, you can integrate your electric car into the SMA Smart Home with the Sunny Home Manager and charging stations available on the market.


9. Is the Sunny Boy Smart Energy compatible with the Tesla Powerwall and the Sunny Boy Storage?

No, they are separate systems that cannot be combined. You can either choose the Sunny Boy Smart Energy with integrated battery or the Sunny Boy Storage for high-voltage batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall or a Sunny Island with low-voltage battery.


10. Will the zero export function relevant for Australia be available soon? And will it work with the Sunny Home Manager and the SMA battery inverters Sunny Boy Storage, Sunny Island and Sunny Boy Smart Energy?

This function is already implemented in the Sunny Boy Smart Energy, and the Sunny Boy Storage will also be able to control export at 0 percent. It even provides adjustable target values to guarantee minimum electricity purchase and grid feed-in. Together with the Sunny Home Manager, there will also be a zero export solution.


We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions. Did we miss one of your questions? If so, write a comment.
Find more information on our product page.


  1. Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas says:

    I want to express my appreciation for your well-crafted article on Sunny Boy Storage. Your expertise and ability to communicate complex concepts in a digestible manner are truly commendable. As the ownerI look forward to reading more of your work and gaining further insights from your expertise in the future.

    Thank you for your valuable contribution to the renewable energy community.

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Steve,

      Thanks for your kind feedback.
      Following our netiquette, we had to remove your link before publishing.
      Thanks for your understanding.

      Sunny regards

  2. Doug
    Doug says:

    with multiple sunnyboys that are paralleled in a grid-interactive setup (grid tie but island availability) with the secure-power outlet enabled.. Are the secure power outlets paralleled or are they fully independent with the solar strings that feed them?

  3. eugenio
    eugenio says:

    could work the sma sunny boy storage withouth the can comunication?
    I would like to connect the electric car in one sunny boy storage and a BYD battery 96S1P in other one.
    I know sma do not have the homologation UNE217001-in. will some day have?

  4. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    Can Sunny Boy Storage be used in a three phase design? I assume it can connect to one phase of a three phase but could I have e.g. three Sunny Boy Storage, one on each phase, with either three batteries or one shared battery (similar to how Sunny Island can be used)? This could be useful if charging an EV with a battery of >50kWh, for which one 2.5kW inverter would be very slow (and one Powerwall would be very small, but that’s another issue).

  5. jean-marie
    jean-marie says:

    a small question related to countries :

    a previous system (Sunny boy smart energy) was not sold in France, worst it’s still stated in the website that the use of this system is forbidden in France.

    Could anybody explain me why ?

    I have asked SMA france by mail but never get any answer.
    Is there any legal issue and if yes what rules/law prohibit such installation ?

    Thank you in advance for any reply

    sunny regards

    • Dalila Boukhalfa
      Dalila Boukhalfa says:

      Hello Jean-Marie,

      At the time of launch, the regulation didn’t clearly allow the use of a grid-connected storage application (UTE C15712-2). Now that the law has evolved, SMA is evaluating the interest and potential for storage solutions in the French market. Stay tuned for further announcement.

      Kind regards,


  6. Karl
    Karl says:

    Does the inverter actively manage SOC of the powerwall so it is not above 80%SOC for more than. 4hrs/day as required to maintain 10year warranty on the battery.

    Shouldn’t this inverter be warranted to same or similar 18-20MWh throughput as the power wall vs arbitrary 5 years with string inverters

    Cheers karl

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