Taekwondo – Fight Yourself Fit!

Diana Thielby Diana Thiel (guest post), 

“Fight Yourself Fit” is the newest addition to our sports programs. After an initial trial workshop that was open to all SMA employees who wanted a sneak peek into this ancient sport, “Fight Yourself Fit” is here.

But what does the term Taekwondo actually mean?

“Tae” (foot) stands for the many leg techniques,”Kwon” (fist) for the techniques of the arm, and “Do” (path) for the spiritual development and the fair and respectful approach to one’s opponent or training partner.
The goal of this discipline is to strengthen the muscular and cardiovascular systems, increase coordination and concentration, build self confidence and learn the basics of self defense through both individual and partner exercises.

Speed, coordination and agility are needed.

Said and done. With the help of pads diverse defense and attack techniques as well as various punch and kick movements are practiced during exercises with a partner. Who would have thought there would be so many fine motor skills involved in executing such exercises, and how important the word ‘flexible’ would be in this sport. 😉
Our trainer demonstrated the following air jumps with great ease: like a cat landing delicately on the ground after a huge leap through the air. It was amazing.

A familiar face:

Our colleague, Jens Birkholz, is the trainer. He has not only been active in Taekwondo for over 20 years, but has been a coach and course speaker for more than 11 years, both in the private and competitive sports sectors. He is also a former European champion and member of the German national team.

Here are some images from the workshop: