What is the SMA Flexible Storage System?


Watch the latest YouTube video on the SMA Flexible Storage System from our colleagues at SMA Australia. Application Engineer, Charles Wang gives a quick overview, live from their booth at the Clean Energy Week exhibition. 


  1. Lane Sharman
    Lane Sharman says:

    This is a nice confirmation for Solana Energy. Our company is designing microgrids using the Sunny Island Controller in combination with large enough storage banks to carry the load during the night.

    http://www.solanaenergy.com/rfq/lion for a look at the system design. Presently, Solana is looking for the best LiOn provider for interoperating with the Sunny Island Controller.

  2. John
    John says:

    Lucy, this is definitely the right approach. If you consider scale, something Charles doesn’t mention then every home will have some form of battery storage. Let’s assume 5kWh worth of battery is available. In a smart future the grid people can request on a demand basis that some of this 5kWh is pushed back to the grid to help them manage peak loads. This is already happening in California?

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