World Cup Fever at SMA

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World Cup Fever at SMA

It’s June in Germany. Heading to the coffee machine one afternoon as usual, I notice a group of men gathered in the break room. They’re fairly quiet, but they are doing something intently. Since I don’t follow soccer, it takes me a while to realize what they’re up to. Upon closer inspection, it’s clear—they’re trading Panini soccer cards. Each of them has an album and is trying to collect a card for every player.


It suddenly dawns on me: The 2014 World Cup is happening in Brazil. Some of my colleagues recently invited me to take part in the SMA contest to predict the winner. I think I can do well there, since I’m told that people who are clueless about soccer make the best guesses. I make up my mind to give it a try. The organizing team has even prepared a bracket. By the day before the opening ceremony, I have to pick the group winners for the opening round, and also decide which team will be the world champion. It’s tough, but I choose the host country, Brazil.


World Cup brackets, football, fan curve: SMA is ready for the 2014 World Cup

As I turn in my bracket, I notice that there are a number of World Cup decorations scattered about the entrance hall. Names for the stadium sections are taped to the wall. There’s foosball, with World Cup stickers along the boards. Banners hang on the office doors. But the best is the SMA fan curve stickers decorating the corner seating unit in the kitchenette. Now there’s no doubt—SMA has World Cup fever, and I’ve caught it too J

It remains to be seen whether there will be a group viewing of the matches under the solar roof. I wouldn’t be surprised, and it would certainly be fun.


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