Joy Seitz on the Forefront of the Renewables Industry for Nearly 15 years

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Arizona Solar Installer

Joy Seitz has been on the forefront of the renewables industry for nearly 15 years and continues to pave the way forward as the CEO and Owner of American Solar & Roofing (AS&R.)

Founded in 2001, AS&R was the first solar installer in Arizona. In 2003 SMA established a close working relationship with AS&R and in 2009 Joy joined to run the company’s business and policy development initiative. She quickly moved up the ladder and in 2014 became the Owner and CEO of the organization.

Today, the company remains an outspoken voice and policy advocate pushing the solar industry forward to increase adoption, ensure safety and promote higher consumer returns.

Joy understands that running a solar and roofing company is more than just the product, she goes deeper by creating meaningful relationships with the people involved. AS&R installed the first grid-tied solar system in Scottsdale with an SMA inverter.

Arizona Solar InstallerSMA is a key component to my passion, affecting revolutionary change,” said Joy Seitz. “High quality and reliable, I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

SMA has long been proud to partner with Joy and AS&R. Because of their commitment to quality solutions and service their business has thrived and will continue to succeed in the long term. With quality front and center, AS&R is committed to delivering the best service, using the highest quality equipment, and employing the most skilled crews in the business.

American Solar & Roofing is synonymous with value and quality,” said Brandon Davis, territory sales manager with SMA. “Joy is committed to her customers and has a strong reputation in the industry.

With an eclectic portfolio of business experience and a degree in Finance from the School of Global Management and Leadership at Arizona State University, Joy understands finance and business on a deep level. She brings the renewable energy sector a lifelong entrepreneurial spirit and decades of experience from leadership roles in healthcare, venture capital, and local non-profits in addition to serving as a lobbyist in several industry sectors.

Today, Joy continues leading the company through an exciting era of growth while also serving on the Development Advisory Board and the Fire Safety Board for the City of Phoenix, and the national solar board of the Solar Energy Industry Association. Joy is an extremely driven individual inside and outside the workplace. She is a huge advocate for women’s rights and is an outspoken leader in living a green lifestyle. Joy pushes to make Arizona an even better place to live through sustainable and renewable energy.

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