SMA Inverters to Power Largest PV Plant in Costa Rica

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Largest PV Plant Costa Rica

In the city of Huacas, Advanced Energy with local partner HiPower is diligently working to build the largest PV plant in Costa Rica, the Solar Huacas Project. It’s a noteworthy milestone for both Advanced Energy and the Central American country, which has major potential for solar expansion.

The Solar Huacas Project is setting the stage for a massive supply of renewable energy for a distributed network owned by the Cooperativa de Electrificación Rural de Guanacaste R.L. This network has promised its customers as much renewable energy as possible to bring cleaner, more reliable power to residents and businesses in Huacas.

“We have repeatedly confirmed that SMA continues to manufacture the most reliable and best performance inverters on the market,” said Alberto Giron, Managing Director for Advanced Energy Holding.

Advanced Energy, which is a Central American EPC company, has designed its facilities and projects using SMA inverters for more than 15 years.

The 7.24 MWp plant is scheduled to be commissioned in April, and it is expected to generate about 12,277 MWh annually - the equivalent of about 3,800 homes. The system uses 12,243 Canadian Solar modules and 34 SMA PEAK3 150 inverters, which are designed for simple installation and maximum power production.

“Costa Rica is demonstrating how renewable energy can reverse deforestation and provide residents with universal access to electricity,” said Daniel Rosende, Managing Director of SMA Latin America. “We are always excited to collaborate on projects of this nature.”

To learn more about Advanced Energy and view some of its projects, visit the company on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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