World’s First Free-Standing String Inverter for Commercial Installations Now Available

SMA is revolutionizing the commercial inverter category for rooftop, carport and ground-mount PV projects with the new Sunny Tripower CORE1. This global solution, the third generation of our industry leading Sunny Tripower product line, is now available. 

The Intersolar award-winning CORE1 is designed to help commercial PV system installers achieve up to a 60 percent faster installation. Built on a foundation that includes an innovative form factor and mounting method, the solution represents the most economical return on investment for all parties involved including distributors, EPCs, installers and system owners.

CORE1 Install

The CORE1’s 50 kilowatts of power, built-in Wi-Fi for fast commissioning, fully integrated design and field-serviceable components all come together to lower service costs, reduce downtime and bring down operating expenses.

Additionally, the CORE1 features integrated AC and DC disconnects, 12 direct string inputs, six MPPT channels and SMA’s OptiCool™ intelligent temperature management technology to ensure full reliability and maximum energy production in even the most demanding conditions.

Download the SMA CORE1 brochure and visit our microsite to learn more!

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