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Dear Customer,

Thank you for using a product from SMA. Product quality is a top priority for us, which is why SMA devices have a particularly long service life. As an industrial company we supply wholesale retailers with our products, who pass on our system technology to installers. Installers, in turn, assemble your customized PV systems from individual components and are responsible for commissioning.

In case there are any technical problems with your system, the best way is to contact your installer directly. Your installer knows the individual system design and the local conditions best and can most certainly help you. If your installer is no longer around, there is a list with solar power professionals close to you who are specially trained in our products.

Do you have any problems integrating your PV inverter into your home network? Then please contact an IT expert.

Please understand that we cannot answer any individual technical questions about your PV system here in the Social Media department.

You can contact our Contact Center concerning the following topics:

  • Peak adjustment in Sunny Portal
  • Assignment of admin rights in Sunny Portal and
  • Messages that indicate danger coming from the inverter

Just pose your question in the Online Service Center. We will contact you promptly.

Thank you very much.

Help for Installers

For safety reasons, work on the inverter must be carried out by qualified personnel only! Are you an electrician and do you have technical questions concerning installation and commissioning? Then please contact our employees in the Contact Center.

Further Questions and Comments

If you have general questions on using our system solutions and products or developing them further, would like to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements, please e-mail us at